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From Medieval Hospital to “Nurse of the Mediterranean”: The Historic Role of the Sacra Infermeria

In our previous article, we explored the fascinating history of the Sacra Infermeria, from its occupancy by the French to its transformation into the Station Hospital under British rule. Today, we continue our journey through time and uncover the pivotal role that this historic building played in some of the most significant global events

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The Legacy of the Sacra Infermeria: A Hospital that Stood the Test of Time

During their extended stay in Malta, the Order of St. John had a significant impact on the local healthcare system. Their greatest achievement was the construction of the Sacra Infermeria hospital in Valletta, which became world-renowned for its exceptional care. Despite facing financial challenges towards the end of the 18th century, the hospital continued

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Sacra Infermeria: A Comprehensive Center of Healthcare in Historical Malta

The Sacra Infermeria, or Holy Infirmary, is a historic hospital in Malta that has served as a centre of healthcare for over 400 years. While it is primarily known for its large halls and its role as a hospital, the Sacra Infermeria also housed a number of ancillary operations that were integral to the

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Exploring Malta’s Rich Medical History: Inside Three Wards of the Sacra Infermeria

In the previous blog post, we discussed how the Sacra Infermeria was becoming known as one of Europe's leading hospitals of the time, with several visitors to Malta praising its excellence in records they kept of their time in Malta. But what was special about this new medical centre? The Infirmary accepted male patients

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The origins of the Sacra Infermeria in Valletta

The Mediterranean Conference Centre is a major landmark near the tip of the Valletta peninsula. This 16th-century structure, with magnificent views of the Grand Harbour, now provides cutting-edge conference facilities as well as an important venue for exhibitions, product launches, banquets, theatrical performances, and a variety of other events. Originally, however, the structure was

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