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The Hospital for Women During Hospitaller Malta

The Sacra Infermeria in Valletta was renowned for its efficiency, and was also known as one of the best hospitals in Europe. However, the Infermeria only received men, leaving women who needed care with nowhere to go. This was up until the 17th Century, when Caterina Scappi erected the hospital for women, commonly known

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The Woman Behind the First Local Hospital for Women.

During the period of the Knights of Saint John, the Sacra Infermeria was known for its excellent medical services. Nevertheless, its wards were reserved only for male patients, hence women who needed medical care had nowhere to go. It was quite evident that a hospital for women was needed. This need was addressed during

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A promising student at the Sacra Infermeria becomes the Father of Autonomy

The Sacra Infermeria was built during the rule of the Order of Saint John. Eventually the Infermeria became one of the finest hospitals in Europe. Furthermore, in the year 1676, Grand Master Nicolás Cotoner erected the School of Anatomy and Surgery. By time the school also continued to enhance and by the 18th Century

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Historical Perspectives on Foundling Care and Abandonment Practices

Back in the day it was common that due to poverty, amongst other reasons, babies used to be left on doorsteps. In Malta, formal provisions to care for these babies were introduced during the late Medieval period, when the Mdina Universita' established a system for the reception and care of such children at the

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The Sacra Infermeria and its Contributions to Healthcare and Child Welfare

The Order of Saint John contributed greatly to the islands. One of the greatest investments was in the medical sector, particularly the building of the Sacra Infermeria in Valletta. The hospital was opened in the year 1570 and it became one of the best hospitals in Europe. The Infermeria used to welcome men from

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Human Resources at the Sacra Infermeria Part 1

After the arrival of the Order of Saint John in 1530, the medical field in Malta went through a complete transformation, especially after the new major hospital in Valletta, known as the Sacra Infermeria was built. The Sacra Infermeria gained a reputation as one of the best hospitals of the time. This was due

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Promising Students at the Sacra Infermeria’s Medical School

The School of Anatomy and Surgery at the Sacra Infermeria dates to the 17th Century, when Grand Master Cotoner announced that he would be opening a medical school in 1676. Later during the 18th Century, the school would flourish and produce a number of exceptional pupils. One of the pupils was a renowned ophthalmologist

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New Classes at the School of Anatomy and Surgery within the Sacra Infermeria.

At the time the School of Anatomy and Surgery was opened in 1676 as seen in the previous article, dissections on corpses were prohibited by the church. Nevertheless, this would change during the time the Italian Grand Master Marc’Antonio Zondadari was the head of the Order of Saint John.          

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