AR Museum Terms and Conditions

This ticket is sold to the ticket holder (hereafter referred to as “TH”) in accordance with these Terms of Sale. Purchase/holding/use hereof constitutes acceptance of all such conditions by TH and any other holder including legal guardians. No act/failure to act/enforce will be a waiver of any term. The Mediterranean Conference Centre (hereafter referred to as “MCC”) may be contacted on +356 21243840 or [email protected].

1. This sale is of a ticket without warranty express or implied and is non-refundable except when otherwise provided by the MCC at its sole and exclusive discretion.

2. Standard admission tickets are valid for one visit and restricted to a specific date as per booking.

3. This ticket may not be sold, re-sold, transferred, used for promotions, competitions, or sales packages without prior written consent of the MCC. Any ticket violating this policy may be voided without right to refund.

4. Only authorized sellers are licensed by the MCC to issue tickets.

5. The MCC reserves the right to refuse admission or re-admittance to anyone, and to search any person or personal property at any time. ID may be required at any time and must always be carried by the Holder. Those TH benefiting from discounted rates, including but not limited to the elderly and students, must provide a valid ‘status’ document confirming the veracity of the status being claimed by them. Only one discount per ticket is applied.

6. The MCC reserves the right to refuse entry to an individual not properly dressed or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

7. The MCC shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage by any cause whatsoever, in or outside the attraction or otherwise connected with this Ticket. Holder waives all claims foreseeable or not.